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Guided by Eliza Jane

An at-home, contemplative Christian community for newsletter subscribers of Truly House!


These FREE community gatherings simply hold a compassionate & curious space for you to seek a deeper connection with God & journey toward your true self. Here you'll find opportunities to:

  • reconnect with your body & welcome your emotions. 

  • reflect on your month & locate the presence of Divine Love within it.

  • reimagine your faith; trading empty rituals for nourishing rhythms.

See more details about our sacred gatherings & join us below! No RSVP needed! 

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Sacred Gatherings

Monthly Practices to Reconnect, Reflect & Reimagine.
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Sacred Gathering Details...

About Embodied Prayer


In the 1st half of the month, join us for Embodied Prayer as we turn inward to reconnect with our true selves. This monthly trauma-sensitive yoga practice is paired with the Welcoming Prayer; holding a compassionate & curious space for you to move, breathe and be. 

This yoga practice is not about fitting your body into a certain shape or "doing it right." There is no goal to become stronger, more flexible or more spiritual. Instead, Embodied Prayer holds space for you to let go of all the "shoulds" and compassionately listen to your body-making choices based on how you feel.

NOTE: Embodied Prayer is offered in a trauma-conscious, non-religious atmosphere. No scripture or traditional names for God will be referenced. 

About Creative Communion


In the 2nd half of the month, we turn our gaze toward Jesus as Divine Love, reflecting over the month to recall what this love has taught you, the ways it has blessed you and the places you’ve followed it. Creative Communion is a time of slowly savoring. You're invited to bring a few bites and a few sips of something to our gathering, based on what feels meaningful to you that month. It might be the traditional bread & red wine, a sweet treat, something simple from your pantry, etc. You have full creative freedom to let go of any shoulds in this process and choose relationship over religious ritual.

Purpose & Intention

These two monthly gatherings together hold space for you to seek a deeper connection with God & journey toward your true self. Both are essential to the spiritual journey as one does not deepen without the other. As David Benner writes, "we come to know God best not by looking at God exclusively, but by looking at God and then looking at ourselves—then looking at God, and then again looking at ourselves. This is also the way we best come to know our selves. Both God and self are mostly fully known in relationship to each other.” - David Benner, The Gift of Knowing Yourself.

Truly House is a trauma-conscious, body positive & fully LGBTQ- affirming space. EveryBODY is welcome regardless of race, gender, sexual identity, stage of faith, body size, shape, or ability.

"Your task is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek & find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

- Rumi

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