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Spiritual Direction

with Eliza Jane, certified Spiritual Director

Group Spiritual Direction is offered seasonally with the Summer Session starting in June 2024.


Sessions are directed by Eliza Jane and lightly guided with imaginative prayer practices & journaling prompts. Friend, this is a shared, but spacious hour of deep listening & soul tending. It's a chance to journey with each other for a season.

Note that space is limited to 4 per group to maintain an atmosphere of belonging.


Summer 2024 Dates:

The Summer Sessions include 6 one-hour group sessions, meeting every other week via Zoom. We'll begin in June & end in August. The specific days & times are decided by YOU!

If you'd like to join us for the Summer 2024 Sessions, please add yourself to the Early Bird list. Official registration will open on May 1st.


Not sure? Book a FREE Hello Session!

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Start Your Journey

Summer Sessions begin in June 2024!

Join the Early bird List for PRIORITY booking!

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STEP 1: Join the
Early Bird List!

Interested in Group Spiritual Direction? Please add yourself to the Early Bird list! 


Those on the list are given PRIORITY booking when groups reopen. You'll be asked for your interest & preferred session times then.


No commitment. Opt out at any time.


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STEP 2: Choose
a Group!

Group Spiritual Direction includes 6 one-hour group sessions, meeting every other week via Zoom.


The specific days & times are decided by YOU, based on your availability! To be placed in a group, please choose your preferred session time below!


Groups reopen on May 1st, 2024! 


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STEP 3: Reserve
Your Spot!

Welcome to Group Spiritual Direction! So glad you'd like to join us! The last step is to reserve your spot by choosing a monthly payment plan.


Please WAIT to choose a plan until after you've received confirmation from Eliza that a group has officially formed.

Affordable monthly plans available!


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You May be Wondering...


What's Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is a spiritual practice with roots in 3rd century, early Christianity. Its purpose is to hold space for deep listening & soul tending as you seek deeper Truths about yourself & God.

Spiritual Direction is NOT therapy nor is there a goal to teach, preach, fix or judge. 


Who is Spiritual Direction For?

Those at Truly House are seeking what's true about God and about themselves. Often, they are deconstructing Christianity, releasing trauma and/or exploring parts of their identity.

Truly House is a trauma conscious space rooted in Christ's simple gospel of love. I welcome & celebrate people of all shapes, colors, backgrounds & identities. 


What does a "Trauma Conscious" Spiritual Director do?

As a trauma-conscious spiritual director, Eliza works to deepen your connection with divine Love while journeying alongside you toward your true, authentic self. She is trained to listen well and with compassion, make keen observations, ask curious questions, offer spiritual practices & provide grounding tools. 


What are Your Rates?

Group Spiritual Direction is offered at the rate of $100 per person, per month for 3 months. A Diversity Rate of $80 per month is also available to those who are either: living outside the US or in the margins including LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, people with disabilities & single mothers. Both plans include:

- 6 one hour sessions total.

- 6 spiritual grounding practices.

- A small, sacred circle of belovedness & belonging.

Not sure? Book a FREE Hello Session!

What People Say

*Names have been changed for privacy.

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"Spiritual Direction was very insightful and I really felt God's connection. I felt very loved & got more clarity on what God really thinks of me.  I love Eliza's approach to Spiritual Direction so much!"

- Laura


Questions? Feel free to reach out.

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